Rendezvous of velvety flavours

January 31, 2018

When we think of a real taste adventure, a sweet Porto wine, 3 characteristic spirits combined with 5 cheekily exciting chocolate truffles comes to our mind. And which is the perfect combination out of these? Trust your senses and discover your personal favourite!



Árpád apricot pálinka
Arran 2006 Tokaji Cask Finish
Rum Dictador (1998)
Graham’s Late Bottle Vintage (1998)




Black n’ White

Dark chocolate delicacy filled white choco, roman cumin, apricot and marzipan filling

Gentle Chili

Dark and white chocolate harmony spiced up with paprika

Dark Vanilla

70% dark chocolate flavored with vanilla and orange

Velvety Bilberry

Dark chocolate truffle enriched with bittersweet blueberry ganache filling

Milky Tonka Bean

Milk chocolate heaven inside and out flavored with a dash of tonka bean


Beverage and Chocolate Selection
5 500

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