Gourmet dinner with fireworks

July 23, 2018



Let us invite you to celebrate the foundation of the Hungarian state on the 20th of August, and enjoy our gourmet dishes and exceptional drinks dreamt up by our chefs for this special occasion. Whilst selecting amongst the array of heavenly tastes you will have the chance to admire the extraordinary fireworks. Book your table from 6 pm. and be the part of this magical evening!






Cold dishes

Goose liver terrine, apricot steamed in Aszu wine
Duck fat roasted duck pate and liver, apple chutney
Tatar beefsteak
Waldorf salad, smoked duck breast, caramelized walnut
Prawn salad
Cold and warm smoked salmon, dill sweet mustard
Smoked trout, apple horseradish foam


Eggplant cream, pomegranate
Marinated olives
Dried ham, melon
Grilled paprika and zucchini
Grilled paprika with basil
Grilled oyster mushroom with thyme
Jalapeno paprika filled with cheese

Mixed salads

Seafood salad
Quinoa salad with baby spinach and tomato dressing
Olive chickpea salad
Bulgur and parsley salad
Cucumber salad with dill and sour cream
Tomato and mozzarella with pesto


Újházi chicken broth with noodles
Fish soup
Summer apple soup

Grilled dishes

BBQ pork rib
Grilled chicken skewer in piquant marinade with coriander yogurt sauce
Butterfish with citrus sauce



Main dishes

Veal stew
Turkey medallions, flap mushroom sauce
Breaded chicken in basket
Catfish paprika
Grilled salmon, saffron mussel


Steamed vegetables
Vegetable lasagna
Jasmine rice
Roasted potatoes

Carving station

Duck leg
Pig with roasted riesling cabbage and gravy

Cheese selection

Hungarian handmade cheese varieties
International cheese selection


Raspberry-lemon-green tea cake
Salted caramel tart
Cranberry cake
Ruby mousse, mango
Cream bun





Buffet dinner, Sauska Rozé sparkling wine
25 900 /person



Buffet dinner, Sauska Rozé Magnum sparkling wine, Wine, Beer, Juices, Coffee and tea
32 900 /person


Prices are in HUF and a 12% service charge will be added to your bill.