March 5, 2018



Spring is the best time to broaden your palate with the fresh and savoury taste of lamb. Be it baked, steamed or grilled, lamb dishes are considered to be real delicacies, especially if they are paired with the first fresh vegetables of the new season such as radish, wild garlic or green peas.


Spring lamb terrine with liver, crunchy radish salad (7)
2 500

Spring lamb ragout soup with tarragon (1,2,7)
1 900

Crusted saddle of lamb and lamb rack, green peas and goat cheese mousse (1,2,7,10)
 5 900

Lamb kofta kebab, chickpea salad and hummus, pomegranate (2,4,9)
3 800

Slow braised lamb shank, wild garlic risotto (1,7,10)
4 200

Young spinach soufflé stuffed with blue cheese, Jerusalem artichoke cream, morel mushroom
2 500

Lemon savarin, fennel and strawberry compote (2,4,7)
 1 800


Food allergies and food intolerance: 1- celery, 2- gluten, 3- crustacean, 4- eggs, 5- fish, 6- lupin, 7- milk, 8- molluscs,
9- mustard, 10- nuts, 11- peanuts, 12- sesame seeds, 13- soya, 14- sulphur dioxide

Prices are in HUF and a 12% service charge will be added to your bill.