May 2, 2017

Dipping from the shared culinary heritage of Hungary and its surrounding neighbors, Executive Chef Gullner Gergő and his team crafts a symphony of sensual European flavours, made even richer as a result of the seasonal variety offered by the region.

Enjoy a refined and savory selection of flavours looking out over historical beauties and let their unique stories transport your senses.


Gergő Gullner 
Executive Chef

He loves the simple things in life and this is true in his kitchen too. His cooking is simple in the sense that it lacks complication, yet there is a considerable complexity. He searches for the perfect flavour combinations that he can then share with others. He has worked several places around the world as a Chef and has been inspired by international practices, but he is drawn to traditional Hungarian cuisine and prefers to use local ingredients. All his divine dishes have a story to tell which we simply cannot pass by without stopping for word. 

Nikoletta Vágó 
Pastry Chef

At the young age of 9 Nikoletta Vágó, our Pastry Chef, decided that one day she would like to be the best Hungarian éclair maker in the country. Amongst others this determination and her desire to create new things drew her to the world of confectionary, where day after day she has the chance to dream up extraordinary pastries. She strives to bake up original taste variations with a unique look that astonish the sweet-toothed. When creating new pastries she always uses up the freshest local ingredients of the season.




Corso team
The ultimate experience of fine dining

It takes a team to make every meal an experience of choreographed precision. Our seasoned chefs and servers, together with the fresh talents, work 365 days a year to bring you only the finest meals paired with the perfect drinks.

With over 35 years of experience and with the drive to constantly make things better, you can rest assured that you will be in good hands.