January 8, 2019


(from the ballad written by János Arany Hungarian poet)


If you are ‘hunting’ for dishes rich in flavours,  don’t miss out on Corso’s heavenly game specialities – thanks to the wide range of fauna and seasonally changing flora of the Hungarian forests, rivers and lakes, our Chefs await our guests with culinary delights low in cholesterol but rich in proteins.


Deer paté, rosehip cream, chicory, milk loaf roasted on butter (2,4,7,10)
2 400

Pheasant consommé, quince ravioli(1,2,4,7)
2 300

Roasted trout from Lillafüred wrapped in bacon, lemon, rosemary, parsley potato, Vichy carrot (5) 
4 400

Zemplén wild boar stew, porcini, bread dumplings(2,4,7)
3 600

Duck breast with orange, pumpkin, roasted beetroot,
hazelnut potato croquets
(1,2, 4,11)
4 300

Cheesecake with rosehip (2,4,7,10) 
1 600


Food allergies and food intolerance: 1- celery, 2- gluten, 3- crustacean, 4- eggs, 5- fish, 6- lupin, 7- milk, 8- molluscs,
9- mustard, 10- nuts, 11- peanuts, 12- sesame seeds, 13- soya, 14- sulphur dioxide

Prices are in HUF and a 12% service charge will be added to your bill.