June 8, 2017


The Corso Bar’s new unique cocktail selection was inspired by world-renowned Hungarian inventions such as the Rubik’s Cube, the Safety Match or the C-Vitamin. Each of these cocktails will not only be a unique taste experience, they will also amaze you with their unorthodox presentation – much like how these inventions, which inspired our signature drinks, amazed the world. Allow us to introduce to you a new dimension of cocktails and enjoy the extravagant taste experience in an extraordinary setting, on the bank of the Danube!



The krypton gas-filled light bulb was Imre Bródy’s ingenious invention. Its manufacturing started in the 1930s in the Hungarian Tungsram factory, which was known for its light bulb and electronics production, and shortly thereafter it conquered the world. Almost a century later our bartenders have dreamt up an innovative recipe befitting the light bulb. The cocktail’s oriental flavors are made even more special with a bit of brilliance and some fizz.

Choya Liqueur, Aloe Vera juice & matcha green tea, yuzu juice, timur berry, Champagne

4 800



„Maita’i roa ae!” which means “out of this world-the best!” – said the first guest who took a sip of this alcoholic beverage. Many think the same when it comes to the brilliant Hungarian invention, the Rubik’s Cube. It’s simple but complicated at the same time – no surprise, Rubik’s Cube championships are organized all over the world. However, the question may arise: who can solve the mystery of the puzzle after consuming a cocktail? Find it out for yourself and get your award.

Oak Bottle aged Spice Rum, orange liqueur, lime juice, Falernum syrup

4 800




According to the legend, our famous biochemist Albert Szent-Györgyi was not a big fan of paprika, however, this vegetable brought him world-wide fame. When he discovered Vitamin C, he surely did not expect that it will be a key dietary supplement in the future, moreover, a unique ingredient of Corso Bar’s delicious and refreshing summer cocktail. The characteristic bitter taste of the tonic is in perfect harmony with the delightful aroma of sweet fruits.

Vodka, tonic, Corso Elixir, Vitamin C Effervescent Tablet, citrus sorbet

3 900



Thanks to the Hungarian Gábor Dénes we have been able to see three-dimensional objects come to life seemingly out of thin air for over 70 years. He surely didn’t expect that one day a couple of creative-minded bartenders will be inspired by his invention and will make it come to life as a cocktail speciality with homemade grenadine syrup, tricky mirrors and a little smog.

Agárdi Gin, Pimento Liquor, homemade grenadine syrup, fresh lemon juice


4 800



We are so used to the fact that the power of fire is coming from a small box nowadays – and moreover, it is safe thanks to the brilliant invention contrived by a Hungarian chemist János Irinyi. The original concept of the safety match was surely not about to ignite the surface of alcoholic drinks, but without a doubt, it’ so exciting when a bartender set on fire a tasty coffee-based cocktail under our very eyes.

Bailey’s coffee liqueur, Grand Marnier

3 200



Before tasting our creamy texture cocktail, you may never expect that the main ingredient of this beverage is the soda water itself – which is also known as carbonated water – invented by the Hungarian physicist Ányos Jedlik. We should not mix it with the conventional sparkling water, as the bubbly water can be only called as soda if it is served from the iconic soda bottle. Our bartenders also follow this tradition when preparing this cocktail.

Tanqueray Gin, lime and lemon juice, cream, egg white, soda water

3 900



László Bíró contrived the ballpoint pen accidentally. Thanks to the pen’s unique mechanism, it revolutionized handwriting. By using it, we can rewrite the beloved Old Fashioned drink’s recipe based on your own taste.

Whisk(e)y, Bitter, Sugar

Chivas Regal 12 yrs, Macallan

3 900

Woodford Reserve, Maker’s Mark, Bulliet

4 800

Chivas Regal Ultis, Hibiki Harmony, Dalmore 18 yrs, Balton’s

9 800


The Béres Drops was born in 1972 as the crowning of a long and constant work of our extraordinarily talented researcher, Dr. József Béres. This legendary product has officially declared a medicine in 2000, then Dr. Béres was granted the most prestigious scientific recognition of Hungary, the Széchenyi Award. Now we make richer and even healthier our espresso-based cocktail by adding to it a few drops of this essence, also known as a „Hungaricum”.

Absolut Elyx Vodka, coffee liqueur, 42 Coffee, Oak Bottle aged Béres Eszencia Drops

3 500



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